This athletic movement theater performance draws on various theatrical styles, including mime, modern dance, and vaudeville - but turns these traditions upside down by combining them with dialogue, audience participation and a delightfully original soundtrack. The result is a program that is engaging to people of all ages.

Highlights include the creation of a mechanical man who runs amok while the audience cheers, a boy's struggle to escape from within a video game, and a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks both performers offstage.

Created in collaboration with Jonathan Wolken, cofounder of Pilobolus Dance Theater, Brotherly Love is about the competitive yet caring relationship between two brothers whose emotions are interwoven through a tapestry of harsh and gentle movements. This visual and verbal collage illustrates that powerful emotions can be expressed through abstract, eccentric gesture and voice. Unique and animated, this form of "storytelling" explores interdependence, the yearning towards independence, and ultimately a balance between the two.

The Past Tense reveals itself as a series of 'physical monologues' performed to original soundtracks. Grappling with such issues as death, aging and nightmarish childhood memories, this poignant piece maintains an undercurrent of humor while demonstrating the power of stripped down personal performance.